I saw in a previous post of yours you mentioned you are going to be in Thailand to teach english; Is it some sort of exchange program where you are provided a place to stay and in return you work? I am currently a student in the US longing for a way to travel abroad and unfortunately am struggling with the monetary aspects. I'd love some more information if possible! I love your blog and your passionate urge to break free of our cultural chains. I hope to follow suit one day! Safe travels!!

Hey, I have finished teaching English, and have moved to a new blog. It’s earthboundsoul.tumblr.com. I completed a TEFL course for a month to learn to teach, then I found a job and got paid for my work. Which is great, because if you have a degree or if you have proof you’re completing a degree, you’ll get enough money to save for more travel, and live a pretty good lifestyle! I also recommend WWOOFing (google) as a great way to learn about organic farming while traveling - you work for them in exchange for accommodation and food. There are many things you can do to travel when you don’t have much money! Thanks so much, please follow my other blog and ask me any more questions you have there, as it is more up to date on my travels in the past year. Much love, and break free - it will be the best decision you ever made. X

Followers - please follow my new blog, I no longer post here

http://www.earthboundsoul.tumblr.com Love and light to you! :)